How choosing bridal accessories for a perfect wedding look

How choosing bridal accessories for a perfect wedding look

When to choose your hair accessories?
Wedding dress is the most important aspect of the entire bridal ensemble so it’s best to choose your dress before start selecting your bridal hair accessories to make sure they coordinate. The style and silhouette of your gown, the color, and the overall look will help you find the perfect bridal hair accessories. When you are trying on your dress, take photos of all the little details that you may like to match your accessories to. Besides wedding dress, a hair trial is also a good idea to see how you want your hair styling on the day and to make sure you’re comfortable with how the headpiece will work and fit, you can ask your hair stylist about his/her suggestions about selecting your hair accessories.

Silver or gold jewellery?
The hue of the headpiece should complement the color of your gown. Gold jewelry is becoming more popular and usually goes well with champagne and gold-colored dresses. Silver is always very popular and goes well with white and ivory dresses. If your hair accessory has metal elements, ideally match it to your jewelry.

Do I have to grow my hair long to wear hair accessories?
The answer is of course no. Many bridal hair accessories can look equally fabulous in short hair too. Brides with short hair can often feel very comfortable in something different. You could choose a flattering full circlet headpiece or beautiful vines attached with ribbons at the ends.

How about buying accessories as bridesmaid Gifts?
A perfect bridesmaid gift is something that your girls can wear/use on the day of your wedding, jewelry and hair accessories are the perfect option. You can either match with your own, or choose something that will complement their dresses. Take into consideration that your bridesmaids’ may have different hair lengths/color, so look for something that will suit and keep all bridesmaids happy!

What type of bridal hair accessories?
With so many stunning hair accessories available for brides, how do you know exactly what type of hair accessory to choose? Here is a basic rundown of your options:

  • Crown & Tiara– You can wear these alone or with a veil, headbands and tiaras can work great with any style, including hair down, half up or all up. Choose a dainty understated look for a more traditional style or a glamorous look if you’re dreaming of a fairytale wedding.

  • Hair Combs– Hair combs vary in size and shape, and look stunning in hair that has been styled in an updo. If you are wearing a veil this could be kept on a separate comb, allowing it to be removed after the ceremony. Hair combs are by far the most popular choice among brides.
wedding accessories hair combs
  • Hair Vines– Perfect for a romantic or boho chic look, hair vines can be bent and manipulated into different shapes to accent any hairstyle. Twist a hair vine in the back of a soft braided updo, around a bridal bun, on the top of your head like a headband.
bride accessories hair vines
  • Hair Pins– Best in an updo or half up half down hairstyle, Hair pins are more understated and can be worn towards the back of the head, which is great for brides who wear stand out jewelry. If you’d prefer something simple and subtle that will help keep your hair in place, consider this option.